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les_tisserandsLundi, c’est ravioli. Samedi (le 22 août), c’est soirée Le Monde est un Village avec Les Tisserands et, en première partie, Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro.

Les Tisserands ont enregistré, chez homerecords.be, un somptueux premier album. Voici ce qu’en écrit le site anglais psychedelicfolk.com

« It is a great idea of these three Belgian groups to join forces to express something of this area, because Amorroma plays folk, Traces playes a kind of folkjazzfusion and is experienced in giving it a chamber-like fusion, and Zefiro Torna is a professional group very experienced in Medieval music on a top level. It is especially when these groups mingle their energies and inspirations, that something special takes place, as something that might reveal something of the influence that such movement in France could have had towards for instance Belgium. The compositions -often by Jowan Merckx- succeeds well to hold the middle between a chamber like inspiration with a Baroque flavour, medieval troubadour music, with folk, and jazzfusion passages ; they are at their best and most original when combined well. A great album ! »

I would not have said better.


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